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About us

About Green Craft

Green Craft company was founded in 2006 with the initial goal to use information technology to support the development and trade of goods of craft-villages. However, since 2011, we found that the marketing support solves only the tip though regardless of any production group requires for marketing. To be a successful social business, the first priority task is to build capacity for the production group to meet customer requirements towards environmentally friendly, so we focus on capacity building and create added-value for the products. Besides, we also support in marketing and product promotion.

Currently, our products were made by ethnic minorities and poor people in the villages (poor craftmen) have been exported to Japan, USA, UK, Germany and appreciated by the clients.

Green Craft is committed to compliance with 10 criteria of WFTO fair trade including:

  • Principle One: Creating Opportunities for Economically Disadvantaged Producers
  • Principle Two: Transparency and Accountability
  • Principle Three: Fair Trading Practices
  • Principle Four: Payment of a Fair Price
  • Principle Five: Ensuring no Child Labour and Forced Labour
  • Principle Six: Commitment to Non Discrimination, Gender and Women's Economic Empowerment and Freedon of Association
  • Principle Seven: Ensuring Good Working Conditions
  • Principle Eight: Providing Capacity Building
  • Principle Nine: Promoting Fair Trade
  • Principle Ten: Respect for the Environment

Currently (October 2014), Green Craft is in the process getting WFTO fair trade certification.


Become one of the leading social business operating in Vietnam for the sustainable development of the poor and ethnic minorities in Vietnam


Green Craft is a handicraft company that helps and support the poor and ethnic minorities in Vietnam to have a better life through the production of environmentally friendly products. Besides, we build a long-term partnerships towards sustainable development through social business responsibility.


Green Craft operates primarily in the field of handicrafts and organic products that used the specific strengths of the region. We work with cooperatives and small or medium production groups in the northern mountainous region and the villages along the Red River. Currently, we are working with 12 production ethnic minorities groups, 8 manufacturers in the village, 80% artisans are poor women and ethnic minorities.

In addition to business connections, we contribute to increasing product value goods through enhanced the product design, technical guidelines for environment friendly and meet customer requirements as well as respect cultural values. We have an enthusiasm international and Vietnamese designers team, who have knowledge of production techniques to help people reach out new models, which are traditional and cultural preservation. We also cooperate with research institutes, local and abroad universities to research environment friendly production.

Besides, the capacity building of production team is always a top priority task and is also one of the most difficult tasks for us in the present time in order for standardization process and meeting the standards of customers.

Organizational Structure

Green Craft has six official members, including

  • Director
  • Vice Director of marketing
  • Expert design and product development
  • 3 technical and capacity building staff

Every year, Green Craft hire 3 professional and technician designers from France and Sweden, who participated in voluntary work at the company.

Director Profile:

Mr. Hoang Yen Binh, graduated of Greenwich - UK specialized in information technology in 2009. He joined FPT group since leaving university and was appointed as the expert company to work in United States in 2010. Born in a traditional craft family, so during work time at FPT, Mr. Binh always desire to use information technology as an effective method to find a market for craft villages, especially for the areas of economic conditions and difficult access. Before leaving university, in 2006, he established his own company called N-Tiers and work in the field of marketing and connecting production groups to customers. However, after a period of time, Mr. Binh recognized that in order for sustainable development, it should enhance the intrinsic capacity of the production group. Therefore, since 2011, Mr. Binh strong focus on capacity building for the production groups in developing processes to meet standards and enhance product value.

Besides, Mr. Binh also joined international trade fairs in Germany, France, UK, USA, Brazil to connect customers as well as expanding traditional markets.

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Sourcing Agent

We offer sourcing service to clients who would like to purchase the items which are not belongs to our workshops. Please feel free to ask.

Design As Request

We are fully capable of producing as your designs, from hand-drawing to technical drawing or even just an idea.

Sample making (*)

We are willing to make your samples but please kindly contact for further service detail.

Free workshop tour

It is always our honor to take you to visit our workshops in Northern Area. It it not just a business trip, but also you can feel the Vietnamese life and culture.

Eco and Green products

Every single product is made by eco-friendly material as much as possible to adapt international standards.

Quality assurance

The quality of every single product are controlled strictly by senior technical manager in each

Process Update

Clients may receive the updates of process of producing (as request) to instantly add or edit design.

  • author

    Yen Binh HOANG

    Director of Green Craft
    Founder and director of Green Craft. He has worked for his mother handicraft company since 1994 and has run he own company since 2006 with initial goal to use information technology to support the development and trade of goods of craft villages.

  • author

    Kien NGUYEN

    Lacquerware manager
    Mr. Kien has deeply knowledge about lacquerware and paint since he was born in lacquer village, located only 20 km from centre of Hanoi. From 2009, he cooperated with Green Craft to develop the eco-friendly products.

  • author

    Thanh Xuan DO

    Textile manager
    Graduated from Foreign Trade University. She has a dream that bring works to the poor farmers in Vietnam when she was a student. She currently working with Green Craft to make sustainable designs and support farmers as her dream.

  • author

    Van May NGUYEN

    Bamboo & Rattan manager
    He was born and grown by a handicraft traditional family. His home town is a bamboo and rattan village, which is located only 30 km from centre of Hanoi. He is so eager to learn how to create more and more works for his mother-land.

FAIR TRADE? They simply are "Social, Economic and Environment Development" and "Say No to Forced and Child labour"