How We Work

We have started our work since 2006 with the purpose that supports Vietnamese farmers to enhance their livelihood by their products. In earlier time, we supported them by doing marketing job and showing their products on Internet, which is totally unfamiliar with them at that time. However, after 3 years, we realized that we need to change our way to be able to support them better.

Since 2009, we have started co-operate with some NGOs (e.g. VIRI - to organize training programs of capacity building. These training programs brought a very bright future for not only ready skill-workers (or artisans) but also for non-skill farmers. Some of them have started their own business after finishing the courses. (Please visit VIRI website for your detail of many programs).

Since 2011, from experiences and benefit of past activities, we have started joining national and international trade fairs which are Hanoi Gift Show (, Lifestyle Vietnam ( and Ambiente. We were supported to join Ambiente by CBI ( - a Dutch non-profit organization. This activity is for marketing and showing VIetnamese products in general and farmers' products in particular to international clients around the world.

Next to supporting programs, we have investing program to increase the productivity and also the quality of products of existing workshops at the craft villages. Normally, we invest machinery, equipment and new designs based on current craft item at the village. This kind of program brings a great benefit to both workshop and us. For workshop, they are able to approach the latest designs, trend and have knowledge about market. For us, we can hire high skill-workers to decrease the sample making time and use their experiences for product development. Moreover, when the whole production processes are located directly at the craft village will be easier for workers because they can work next to their home and family, instead of grouping in a far away big factory. This is a typical work model in the Northern area in general.

Our products, of course, are made in Viet Nam. We always try our best to use natural, recycled and can be regenerated material.

We commit that each item you bought from us, you are helping at least one or many poor families in Vietnam. You can bring our stories to tell your clients or your friends that these products are made from poor and very poor Vietnamese farmers, who are waiting day by day to sell their products.

Many thanks for spending time to read to the end of this long text. We wish you all the bests and hope that we can work together to make a better world.

"Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of Charity, but an act of Justice" - Nelson Mandela