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Ha Thai lacquerware village

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Ha Thai village – Duyen Thai commune is located right by side of 1A national highway and among other famous trade villages. Ha Thai village’s lacquer painting itself has developed for a long time. Previously, the village had one largest lacquer painting cooperative in the former Ha Son Binh province with 500 households joined in the cooperative.

After that, exporting lacquer painting product was slow downed by fluctuations of East European markets. However, for the past years, thank to the State’s new mechanism and opening policies, Ha Thai’s lacquer painting industry has been strongly developing. A number of the former cooperative members become managers of large-scaled enterprises with annual revenue of billions VND. Ha Thai’s products are so diverse with thousands of different designs and models satisfying demands of many international markets.

Like all other ancient villages in the Red River Delta, Ha Thai has a communal house and pagoda for worshipping the village founder. Unlike most villages it is also famous far and wide for its distinguished lacquer ware that has existed for over 2000 years.

Ha Thai lacquer ware products are made with a centuries-old technique of applying and polishing layer upon layer of Vietnamese lacquer (Rhus Succedanea). Combined with egg shell and mother-of-pearl inlays, the lacquer ware found here comes in thousands designs and models. Among the most common are boxes, trays, vases, pots, albums, lamp-shades, plates and paintings. Each product is not only pleasing to the eye, but also useful and durable.

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